rue de la soie

by lane harlan

August 4th

'How oddly this light suffuses the covered arcades which abound Paris in the vicinity of the main boulevards and which are rather disturbingly named passages, as though no one had the right to linger for more than an instant in those sunless corridors.’

Translated from Le Paysan de Paris

by Louis Aragon

July 14th Albert Aublet (French, 1851-1938)

Albert Aublet (French, 1851-1938)

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July 13th Outlawed


July 6th my favorite gesture

my favorite gesture

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July 6th

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July 3rd rough winds, buds, oh! and thy eternal summer

rough winds, buds, oh! and thy eternal summer

July 3rd Unearthly Paradise

Unearthly Paradise

July 3rd

'O furious mad old man, I hold no substance that will fit your dream but I can give you airy space and scope for your delirium.'

w. faulkner

July 1st Play another love song

Play another love song

July 1st

I left him a bar note.

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